Saturday, May 21, 2016

Blueberry Mornings & Growing Pains

I wake up early in the morning by the sinister sound of the lawn mower working around our back yard. The grass has grown, wild strawberries spread their pointy leaves under our bedroom window. It's a very busy day today, a day of "have to's" and a list of things awaits on the desk to be done and checked off. My nose is stuffed, glassy eyes sensitive to the thinnest ray of light, head is throbbing; I got a heavy cold in the midst of spring. I linger in bed a little longer, consciousness floating between the noise of the engine and the sweet echo of a dream. We met again, me and her, under two mandarin trees. And she was dressed in orange. A close friend and _once upon a time_ a sister. Today no more than a bitter sweet memory. Ever far and ever near.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Easter Eggs | Light Marble Effect

I love how natural and discreet these lightly dyed Easter eggs look, and since this year there is no time to spend in the kitchen dying and decorating dozens of eggs as I used to do, this is the method I'll use to make at least a few of them, feeling that I didn't totally neglect Easter. It only takes a few minutes and a piece of cloth tapped into black food coloring. Randomly touching the white egg gently or passing it from one hand to another, gives this light gray marble effect. Worth the try. Hope you have lots of fun whatever you do, and Happy Easter my friends!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Lazy Sundays + Lovely Links

I wake up early, my internal clock doesn't recognize that today it's Sunday. Birds chirping on the tree  outside my window, the  tree that I consider mine.  I've  seen  it bloom and go to sleep five times. Five years, five cycles of life. Radio plays this song and my lips are singing along.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Sandy Feet and Old Sorrows

A bright day, a blue cloudless sky, waves shaped on the sand. The urge to run, the urge to stay in stillness. Two chairs, a happy dog with flying ears, mandarin peels on the ground and us. Us and the vast, wild ocean. We truly do not need to force anything into being, we simply need to will it so. The air is so crisp, eases my mind back in track. Those days, emotions arise, related to my mother. This lady, all cat green eyes and long delicate fingers. A relationship that always suffered, one way or another. And I cry, I let myself cry rivers to heal my soul and rinse the pain away. We need to free ourselves first in order to free others.
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